A Collection of Numismatic Articles,
Coin Images and Such

by JD White
WINS#7, Chopmark Collectors Club Member #228

BI-METALLIC COINS, a Little Known Facet of the Hobby.  How they're made and a little history.

CHOPMARKED COINS, Worthless or Historically Significant?

THE MARIA THERESIA BUST TALERS And How To Attribute The Restrike.  A work in progress covering the Maria Theresia bust taler's history, original designs and how to attribute the restrike coins.

TONED COIN IMAGES.  Images and explanations of natually and artifically toned coins.


The World Internet Numismatic Society (WINS) .  An online numismatic group of collectors that offer private opt-in discussion and trade email lists, an online Newsletter and members-only auctions.

CoinTalk forum.  A great place to discuss the hobby.

The Worldwide Bi-Metallic Collectors Club (WBCC) online Coin Club.  The Internet's most comprehensive and image intense bi-metallic coin website.